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    weight:under 500g, freight: USD23
    weight:under 21kg,freight:USD23 for the INITIAL 500g plus USD5.30 for each 500g remaining(example:the freight for 8.5kg is USD23+USD5.30*16=USD107.80)
    weight under 51kg,freight:USD7.05 for each 1kg(example:the freight for 68kg is USD7.05*68=USD479.40)


    weight:under 500g, freight: USD24
    weight:under 21kg,freight:USD24 for the INITIAL 500g plus USD5.60 for each 500g remaining(example:the freight for 8.5kg is USD24+USD5.60*16=USD113.60)
    weight:under 51kg,freight:USD7.35 for each 1kg(example:the freight for 68kg is USD7.35*68=USD499.80)

1.The above freight is checked on condition that the goods are normal or say heavy goods,if measurement cargo(the dimension is big and goods are light),we¡¯ll check the freight for you additionally.
2.The above freight is checked based on the Express DHL or UPS,if you need to ship goods by OTHER express,for example EMS,we¡¯ll check the freight for you.
3.If goods are heavy and you¡¯d like to save the freight,we propose to ship by air,you need to pick up the goods at the airport,pls kindly let me know which airport you¡¯d like to go to and we¡¯ll check it for you.

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We manufacture:all kinds of garments accessories,including clothing label,woven label,printed label,pvc and rubber label,metal label,leather patch,paper hangtag,bamboo hangtag,wood hangtag,mother of pearl tag,coconut tag, buttons,etc.,we will always ensure best quality,competitive price and fast delivery.